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Can you Reverse Tooth Decay?
Natick, MA

A woman with tooth decay smiling at Elite Dental of Natick in Natick, MAThe good news about tooth decay is that it can be repaired or even reversed. We can show you how to have healthier teeth and gums. Education, along with diligence and a good oral hygiene routine can make a significant difference in your oral health, and your overall health. Our team at Elite Dental of Natick can provide you the tools and information to help.

What is tooth decay?

There are several terms that are used to describe tooth decay, including cavities, sugar bugs, plaque, tartar, caries and more. Overall, tooth decay is spots in your teeth where bacteria has eroded the enamel exposing the dentin layer beneath. In some cases, the bacteria has reached the inner pulp of the tooth, or has even begun to erode the bone.

The topic of tooth decay includes multiple steps including:
•  Saliva Production: Saliva is a great natural deterrent to decay, as saliva is constantly washing our mouth. Some people may be producing less saliva due to medication, age, or health issues. Other people may be drying their mouth of saliva from drinking alcohol or inhaling smoke from cigarettes, marijuana, or vape.
•  High Plaque Levels: To keep your teeth healthy, you need to be regularly removing plaque, which forms naturally. Plaque is a collection of saliva and food particles. It can often settle along the rim of your teeth and gums. Plaque is a product that bacteria loves to thrive in, especially since so much of our food contains sugar. We remove plaque through brushing, flossing, rinsing, and drinking water.
•  Shape of Teeth: The biting surfaces of our teeth contain pits and fissures designed for breaking down food. Though it may do its job well, some teeth contain areas that food and plaque can get stuck and be difficult if not impossible to clean.

Tooth decay can be reversed, or repaired, and it should be a priority.

Tips to Reverse Tooth Decay

The primary step in tooth decay is to have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined by a dental professional like those at Elite Dental of Natick. Following your appointment, we invite you to include a good hygiene routine into your daily schedule. This may include:

•  Consider your toothbrush: Toothbrushes come with variations. Studies have shown that an electric, or rotary, toothbrush makes a significant difference in the health of your teeth and removes more plaque and bacteria.
•  Use Appropriate Fluoride: When used correctly, fluoride helps rebuild and strengthen teeth. Fluoridated tooth care products can be purchased from your local store, or we may discuss prescribing higher levels of fluoride products such as prescription toothpaste or rinses at your appointment.
•  Careful Flossing: Flossing is a step that we recommend to remove debris from between your teeth. When you floss, instead of moving the thread up and down, try forming a scoop with the thread to scoop debris.
•  Dental Sealants: During your examination, we will look for areas that can be difficult to clean due to the shape of the enamel. These areas may benefit from the placement of dental sealants. Sealants are used to protect vulnerable areas of the teeth.

Are you in need of a dental exam? Contact Elite Dental of Natick at (508) 319-9339 to schedule a dental appointment. We will help you keep a good oral hygiene routine to help prevent tooth decay.
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Our team at Elite Dental of Natick can provide you the tools and information to help you overcome tooth decay. Call us today to schedule an appointment!
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