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Full Arch Dental Implants
Natick, MA

3D-rendered cross-section of a dental implant placed into jaw bone at Elite Dental of Natick
Have you lost confidence in your smile due to significant tooth loss or tooth decay? Does it hurt to eat or speak? Are you sick of using denture glue and having your denture not fit well? Fixed arch dental implants are transformational and life changing.

At Elite Dental of Natick, we understand the impact of losing one’s teeth has to your life. We have also seen the positive impact full arch dental implants have. You will be more confident. Your diet will likely improve as your eating choices will be less limited. You will be happier and healthier overall given how closely tied oral health is to whole body health. We’ve been able to help so many patients through this journey in a family-like, judgment free atmosphere. We have a team of dental implant providers that will give you personalized, concierge style attention throughout your care journey with us. We have all the tools at our practice ready to help you with our advanced digital technology including 3D cone beam scanner, intraoral digital camera, and fully digital workflow. We will also give you one package price for all your work to keep things simple and predictable.

What are full-arch implants?

For patients that require replacement of all their teeth in an arch, it is not practical to replace your full smile with 14-16 single tooth implants. The revolutionary concept of “All-On-X” uses 4-6 implants that are strategically placed and affixed to your jaw bone that can be immediately used to hold a fixed set of teeth. You will get “Teeth-In-A-Day” when your implants are placed so that you don’t have to worry about removable dentures and continue your journey to your permanent, beautiful smile. Our 3D workflow and implant protocols help you never be without teeth, avoid removable dentures, and have your final fixed, beautiful, natural looking smile prepared within 4-6 months once your implants integrate with your jaw bone.

You will have a permanent, solid, strong set of teeth that are fixed and not removable. Regain your youth and your health with this life-changing process.

How do I know if I can get full-arch implants?

Most people, regardless of age, can get full-arch dental implants. This is the best protocol to replace loose fitting dentures or replacing a full set of teeth. The implants help with retention of the teeth to your jaw which therefore helps you avoid slippage, sore spots, and other discomfort that traditional dentures often create. During your first visit with us, we will evaluate your jaw bone levels and quality to determine if you can have immediate implants placed or if we need time to build up your jaw bone. With the All-On-X technique, many can have immediate implants to speed up their journey to restoring their smiles with us. The only way to know what the process will look like for you is to setup a complimentary implant consult with us so we can customize your smile journey in a judgment-free, family like atmosphere with state-of-the art digital tools.

Your First Visit With Us

Our dental implant consults are complimentary. We do this because we believe in our services and know that following your first appointment you will have all the information you need to make this very important choice in your life. After check-in and completion of your digital or paper forms (your preference), we will sit down with you and review your concerns and goals with your smile. It is important for us to understand how this is impacting your life so that we can design the smile you will be happy with and create your custom treatment plan.

After a brief discussion with our care team, we will start with a 3D scan of your mouth so that we can evaluate your teeth, bone, and customize the right plan for you. We may take more x-rays, all part of this service, to help with our diagnosis. Dr. Polnar will then introduce herself and discuss / recap your goals so that we can exceed your expectations. We will show you models of your teeth and sample models of our implant fixed arches for you to get a sense of how they will look and feel. Dr. Polnar will walk you through the process end-to-end so that you know what to expect and answer any clinical questions you may have.

At the end of the appointment, we will review your treatment plan with you as well as payment options. There are many ways to pay for this type of work including working with our 3rd party financing that provides loans up to 10 years at low-fixed interest rates and we can pre-qualify you at your appointment with a soft-pull (no credit impact). With our experience, we can also provide other suggestions such as leveraging 401K “hardship” loans and home equity line (HELOC) loans. It is important for us to help you make this transformational service accessible to you.

What is the Process?

It is important to us that you understand the process from beginning to end so we can help you through this journey and answer any questions you have. Expectation and communication are super important especially for this type of work.

Here is what your journey may look like:
1.  Preparation: This can be done either on the same day as your first visit or shortly thereafter. We will take models of your teeth and pictures of your smile so the dental implant lab can have your teeth ready for teeth replacement day. We may need you to return for 1-2 more visits ahead of your dental implant placement to ensure we are ready for your Teeth That Day.
2.  Tooth Replacement / Implant Day: In most cases, we can place the implants the same day as teeth are extracted however in some cases grafting and bone building procedures are required ahead of implant placement which will be reviewed with you during your first visit. At the start of your visit, we will review the process planned for the day and confirm your medical history. If you are orally sedated, someone will need to drive you to and from your appointment. We will numb you to keep you comfortable during your visit. The doctor will then remove any teeth, add or adjust bone as needed, and place implants in your jaw bone. You will have 4-6 implants placed on the upper and lower jaws. You will leave the office with a fixed beautiful smile that day! We will have you return for 1-2 visits after to check in on healing ahead of preparing your final prosthesis.
3.  Final Prosthesis Delivery: You will come back to our office within 4-6 months of implant placement to begin preparing your final prosthesis. During this time you will have fixed teeth that are beautiful, but temporary as you get used to your new smile. Preparation of the final prosthesis typically takes 1-2 visits and then delivery of your final smile. The final prosthesis can typically be delivered within 4-6 weeks with the technology and protocols using our 3D scanning technology. Your final appointment we will affix your permanent smile and you can enjoy this life-changing moment that will permanently boost your self-confidence and quality of life.

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