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Hybridge Dental Implants
3D rendering of a Hybridge dental implant bridge replacing the entire lower row of teeth at Elite Dental of Natick in Natick, MAWhen dental flaws, like damaged or missing teeth, make you struggle with your confidence, hybridge dental implants are the perfect solution. Hybridge implants are custom-made. You can replace up to 12 teeth in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws. At Elite Dental of Natick, we pride ourselves on re-establishing lost smiles with quality dental implants. Our cosmetic dentistry office will tailor-make dental implants and permanently solve dental discomfort.

Hybridge Implants

Hybridge implants are a type of dental implant that comes in two parts: titanium and custom-made porcelain crowns. At our practice, your dentist will surgically place the titanium implant in your jawbone and attach the porcelain crown to that implant. When the dentist is done, you will have a permanently secure dental implant because the titanium implant is strong and acts as a secure foundation for the crown.

Unlike other traditional methods, our custom-made hybridge implants provide you with natural-feeling and natural-looking teeth. The process of getting hybridge implants is not different from that of traditional dental implant methods. However, hybridge implants are unique because it is a full-arch restoration. With this process, we will replace a full arch of teeth and make them look like they have been there for a lifetime.

What to Expect During Hybridge Implant Placement

One of our dentists will initially meet with you for a one-on-one session. Your first consultation will include a comprehensive dental examination featuring imaging and a 3D panoramic scan. The dentist will use these enlarged images to determine if you qualify for dental implants.

The next step will involve discussing the preliminary options for such cosmetic dental procedures. We will look at your insurance benefits and tell you about the cost of treatment and other payment options.

If hybridge implants are the right option, you will be given a date to visit our clinic. Our first option is a full-mouth restoration, which usually ends with a restoration of up to 12 teeth in the upper or lower jaw. You will be taken through a two-step process, which could start with removing any remaining teeth.

You will be asked to go home and heal for about three months. Our dentists will insert temporary teeth so you do not have to stay without teeth for the entire period. After these three months, you will return to the clinic, and our dentists will surgically insert six dental implants.

The second stage marks the end of all surgical procedures, and the remaining part is the insertion of a single restoration that will replace your teeth and the gum line. Your input will be necessary at this stage because you must choose the materials we will use to make a hybridge full arch, depending on your needs. The process ends after five weeks, and you will be ready to face the world with a renewed smile.

Taking Care of Hybridge Implants

Hybridge implants are easy to care for. It requires nothing more complicated than when you still had your natural teeth. You should brush regularly using a soft brush. Additionally, there is no need to remove any of these implants before going to bed at night.

Contact Elite Dental of Natick to get assessed for hybridge implants. Call us at (508) 319-9339 to request an appointment with one of our friendly cosmetic dentists.

What is Hybridge?

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Contact Elite Dental of Natick to get assessed for Hybridge dental implants. Call us today to request an appointment with one of our friendly cosmetic dentists.
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