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Multiple Tooth Implant
Photograph of Elite Dental of Natick in Natick, MA A multiple tooth implant, also known as a dental implant bridge or an implant-supported bridge, is a restorative dental treatment we use here at Elite Dental of Natick to replace multiple adjacent missing teeth in a row. A multiple tooth implant involves the use of dental implants to support a bridge that spans the gap created by the missing teeth. If you are missing multiple teeth, come see us to find out if these implants are right for you.

Benefits of Multiple Tooth Implants

Multiple tooth implants offer several benefits for replacing missing teeth.

Comprehensive Tooth Replacement

Multiple tooth implants are an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution for replacing several missing teeth in a row. They restore both the function and appearance of your smile by filling the gap created by multiple tooth loss.

Preservation of Adjacent Teeth

Unlike traditional bridges, multiple tooth implants do not require the preparation or alteration of adjacent healthy teeth to support the bridge. This means that the natural teeth surrounding the gap are preserved and remain untouched.

Stability and Support

Dental implants, whether for single or multiple tooth replacement, provide excellent stability and support. They are anchored directly into the jawbone, offering a strong foundation for the bridge. This stability ensures that the bridge functions similarly to natural teeth when eating, speaking, and smiling.

Bone Preservation

Multiple tooth implants help prevent bone loss by simulating the mechanical stimulation of natural teeth. This stimulation through the implants maintains the density of the jawbone, preserving the facial structure and minimizing the risk of a sunken face appearance.

Improved Chewing and Speaking

A multiple tooth implant-supported bridge allows for more natural and efficient chewing and speaking compared to traditional removable dentures. The stability and security provided by implants enhance bite force and articulation.

Durability and Longevity

With proper care and maintenance, multiple tooth implants can last for many years, if not a lifetime. They are designed to be a long-term tooth replacement solution, minimizing the need for frequent replacements or adjustments.

Differences Between Single and Multiple Tooth Implants

The primary difference between single tooth and multiple tooth implants is the number of teeth being replaced and the type of prosthesis that is used. A single tooth implant replaces a single missing tooth. It consists of a single implant placed in the jawbone, topped with an abutment and crown. It mimics the structure of a natural tooth and functions independently. Multiple tooth implants are used to replace several missing teeth in a row. They involve the placement of two or more dental implants to support a bridge. The bridge, typically made of multiple crowns fused together, is secured to the implants, effectively replacing all of the missing teeth in the designated area.

Multiple Tooth Implants at Chicago Dental Esthetics

Multiple tooth implants offer a comprehensive and durable solution for replacing several missing teeth in a row. They provide benefits such as preserving adjacent teeth, preventing bone loss, and restoring both function and aesthetics. While single tooth implants are ideal for individual tooth replacement, multiple tooth implants are specifically designed to address situations where consecutive teeth are missing, offering a more efficient and natural-looking solution.

To find out more about multiple tooth implants, contact Elite Dental of Natick by calling (508) 319-9339.

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Multiple Tooth Implant | Elite Dental of Natick | Natick, MA
A multiple tooth implant, also known, is a restorative dental treatment we use here at Elite Dental of Natick to replace multiple adjacent missing teeth in a row.
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