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Tooth Extractions
Natick, MA

Woman holding cheek due to tooth ache prior to extraction from Elite Dental of NatickTooth extractions are an unfortunate yet necessary part of life for millions of Americans. We here at Elite Dental of Natick may recommend an extraction for several reasons. While it may sound counter intuitive, a tooth removal can ultimately improve your oral health and help you achieve a more beautiful smile!

When Do We Recommend Tooth Extractions?

Before an extraction is necessary, we will always try to save a tooth with other restorative procedures, like fillings, crowns, or a root canal. When this is not possible, an extraction may be the best course of action for a severely damaged or decayed tooth. Other reasons we may recommend an extraction include:
•  Extra Teeth: Some people are born with extra teeth that cause problems with their bite, also known as malocclusions.
•  Orthodontic Treatment: People that have large teeth or a tiny ridge may need an extraction. Creating more room in the jaw makes it easier to move the remaining teeth to their proper positions.
•  Infection: A tooth may need to be extracted due to a severe infection. Removing the tooth can stop the infection from spreading to other areas, preventing further complications.
•  Wisdom Teeth: Also known as third molars, wisdom teeth are usually the last ones to erupt above the gums. Because they erupt much later, there is often not enough space in the jaw to accommodate a new set of teeth, resulting in crowding issues, impacted teeth, or misalignments.

The Two Types of Tooth Extractions

There are two major types of extractions: simple or surgical. The type of extraction we recommend depends on the location of the tooth. A simple extraction is performed on a fully-erupted tooth, while a surgical extraction is required for a tooth that is still partially or completely below the gums.

During a simple extraction, Dr. Bethany Polnar uses a tool known as an “elevator” to separate the tooth from the supportive bone, ligaments, and connective tissues. Once the tooth is loose enough, we use forceps to remove it from the socket.

During a surgical extraction, we make an incision in the gums to fully expose the underlying tooth. Next, we may need to break the tooth into several pieces, making its removal more effective. In some cases, we also need to remove a small amount of the supportive bone. Dr. Bethany Polnar may recommend to extract your 3rd molars, also known as “wisdom teeth”. These teeth may be pushing against your other teeth creating pain or negatively impacting your bite. These teeth are also typically harder to clean, making them more prone to tooth decay which could spread to other teeth or your gums. Our oral surgeons are skilled in extracting impacted wisdom teeth and helping you feel comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

Both simple and surgical extractions involve the use of local anesthetic to numb the area and eliminate pain. Because surgical extractions are more complex, we may also recommend some sedation. Sedation is one of the best ways to reduce fears or anxieties associated with dental procedures.

After Your Tooth Extraction

The healing period following your extraction should be simple and straightforward. Proper periodontal care is needed to prevent periodontal disease. Any pain, discomfort, and swelling can usually be managed with over-the-counter medication like Advil. If these symptoms persist or worsen in the days or weeks following your extractions, please be sure to give us a call.

These days, many extractions also involve a bone graft. A bone graft will prevent deterioration in the jaw, ensuring you qualify for restorations like dental implants. Other restorations we may recommend include dental bridges or removable dentures. Your tooth replacement is designed to restore the structure and appearance of your smile!

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If you currently have a problematic tooth or severe pain, you may be in need of an immediate extraction. Call (508) 319-9339 to schedule a consultation now!
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We here at Elite Dental of Natick may recommend an extraction for several reasons. While it may sound counter intuitive, a tooth removal can ultimately improve your oral health and help you achieve a more beautiful smile!
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